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Blue by Alain Ducasse presents its flagship bakery boutique in Asia - the first standalone Blue Bakery Boutique in the world, where guests can sample exquisite baked goods prepared with true French tradition and expertise.

Located on the ground floor of ICONSIAM, the Blue Bakery Boutique offers a curated selection of signature baked goods and viennoiseries. Every delicious treat is handmade and perfected with authentic artisanal flavours and premium ingredients. An indulgent selection of drinks is also available, using Alain Ducasse Coffee and Alain Ducasse Chocolate.

All the Chocolate and Coffee used at the Blue Bakery Boutique come from “La Manufacture” in Paris, where they are traditionally handcrafted with extreme delicacy, and each step is mastered to ensure exceptional quality and reveal the unique aromas.

Open daily from 10am – 8pm.

The inviting atmosphere beckons curious gourmands who seek comfort in the aroma of warm, freshly baked treats – ranging from classics such as croissant and pain au chocolat, to signature delights like the AD 75% chocolate hazelnut brioche, strawberry Danish, and apple caramel sandwich. A selection of rich, savoury favourites is also available, such as quiches and sausage rolls. All are made with the finest ingredients and crafted using artisanal methods, in line with Alain Ducasse’s own philosophy of culinary excellence.

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