Beyond the Border – Blue x Crony

September 24, 2023
Icon Siam

In Japanese, “Crony” embodies a bond of everlasting friendship, and we’re delighted to have infused this spirit into our guests who embarked on an unforgettable culinary experience: “Beyond the Border: Blue by Alain Ducasse x Crony – The Circle of Friends Special Edition” in Tokyo, Japan and Bangkok.

But the true magic of this event extended beyond what met the eye. It was a symphony of passion, expertise, and unwavering attention to detail, all harmonised by the talented hands of Chef Michi Crony and Chef Wilfrid Hocquet. Together, they breathed life into the fusion of French and Japanese culinary classics, infusing each dish with the essence of environmental consciousness and igniting creative revelations. Yet, behind these remarkable creations lies a story of extraordinary effort. The countless hours of preparation, the unwavering spirit of both teams, and the dedication of every member that made this event a reality.

Our deepest gratitude extends to everyone who made it possible!


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